Pop-Up House Proves a Hit As Events Marketing Material

Sophisticated cardboard engineering techniques were put to good use when the first pop-up house was designed as the eye-catching product has grown in popularity over the years to become a regular inclusion in advertising and marketing campaigns. The recent slump in the housing market has had a drastic effect on the house building and construction industries and on mortgage companies but not so on the production of pop-up houses. It seems that companies who have already committed to events, exhibitions and trade shows simply have to put in extra effort to attract visitors and the promotional product that fits the bill is the pop-up house.

The pop-up house makes an excellent high-impact event invitation. It is an extremely versatile shape which lends itself to being designed as a house, a shop, a bank, a restaurant, pub, a greenhouse, a cabin – in fact any building with a pitched roof. Its automatic pop-up action is a guarantee that the product will get noticed. It will also get bounced about a lot which makes it an extremely interactive and memorable events invitation indeed.  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Pop-up houses also make excellent desk-top pen holders and you only need to use one roof panel in order to make the transformation! Manufacturers are able supply the house with 4 holes in one roof panel – or 4 holes in both roof panels if you prefer, which makes the change from pop-up house to pop-up pen holder whilst all the time acting as a high impact event invitation.

The product is not confined to use as an invitation as it has great potential to convey product information. It has a quite unique shape and its automatic pop-up action grabs attention and draws focus to the message printed on the product. This makes the pop-up house an ideal vehicle for carrying product information. This, in turn, means that the pop-up house is an excellent choice as publicity material for a product launch or as an entertaining and informative hand out at an event or exhibition. The fact that it comes in a neat, compact but chunky custom printed pack only adds to the appeal of the pop-up house and to its success as an events publicity product.

The automatic pop-up house is supplied by UK manufacturers in different sizes and is usually supplied compressed in its own custom-printed mailing pack ready for sending out to your target audience. Some UK suppliers are also mailing houses and are able to back up their print and manufacturing services with a mailing service in order to supply a worry-free solution to event publicity headaches.


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