Grey Jordan Shoe for Basketball

Graphite. The red-headed stepchild of the epic color that is known as Cool Grey. No offense to red-headed stepchildren. Really. But this color has really gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to grey colored Jordan basktetball shoes. On the other hand, Cool Grey is the most popular version in the grey color wheel. This color is currently being used on seemingly every new model of Nike and Jordan basketball shoes. Any shoe dropped in Cool Grey is a definite cop for both sneakerheads and Jordan heads alike regardless of the model. But what really separates the color Graphite from the color Cool Grey?

To the naked eye, not a whole lot. I find it tough to distinguish between the two colors. Especially when a shoe is done up in patent leather. Take the new Jordan Q Flight for example. The color that was dropped recently on the Q Flight was labeled “Graphite”. Okay. At first glance it certainly appears that this shoe was a slightly lighter grey than the epic “Cool Grey”. However, the more and more I looked at the shoe, it appeared to me to be very,very similar in color to that of Cool Grey. Perhaps it was the lighting of the room or picture itself. Or, maybe, just maybe, I wanted this sick pair of Jordan’s to actually be Cool Grey because the color is so much “cooler” than that Graphite color. Anyhow, I guess my point is that whether Jordan Brand labels one of their shoes Graphite or Cool Grey, it is epic. Cheap jordans

This new Air Jordan 2011 Q Flight is a fine example of what I am talking about. Regardless of what color you see this shoe as being, it cannot be denied that it is easy on the eyes. But it is not just another pretty face. You see, this grey colored shoe has true character. It was made using the most innovate design technology that Nike has to offer. It starts with a full-grain leather upper that uses laser etchings and perforations that are meant to maximize breathability. Nike Phylon is used in the midsole while Zoom Air units are placed in the forefoot and heel sections for the ultimate in impact protection. A solid rubber elephant print outsole for unparalleled traction finishes off this shoe. A shoe that is not only beautiful, but truly has integrity.

Graphite, Cool Grey, and Stealth are all shades of grey that have been seen lately on several different pairs of Jordan shoes for basketball. Shoes that all are very similar in look depending on the type of material that is used on the shoe. And regardless of what color Jordan Brand labels the new Jordan Q Flight, Graphite or otherwise, it is a grey Jordan shoe that uses patent leather. And any grey Jordan shoe that uses patent leather is epic!


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